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Crucial Conversations – Preparing Leaders to Share What Others Need to Hear
Sep 11, 2014

Join Profiles International for an HRCI credit webinar! This session advances the concept that some conversations, by design, are more complex than others, so they require a unique skill set to be effective. This session will borrow some of these concepts and mesh them with proven people management strategies for communicating in high-pressure situations, using data from the Profile XT®, Profiles Performance Indicator™, and the Checkpoint Multi-rater 360° Feedback System.

*This webinar is good for 1 HRCI credit hour. You must attend the entire length of the webinar in order to receive credit*

Date/Time: September 11, 11AM CDT

Registration link: https://cc.readytalk.com/r/geno0wcubd7k&eom

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Emotional Intelligence and the Learning Organization Series: #4 Building A Shared Vision
Sep 25, 2014

“A shared vision is not an idea. It is not even an important idea such as freedom. It is, rather, a force in people’s hearts, a force of impressive power.” – Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline, page 192. This webinar by Profiles International will equip attendees with ideas on how to actually make an organization's vision resonate throughout the hearts of its employees. It will also discuss the obstacles to a shared vision and how to overcome them.

Date/Time: September 25, 10AM CDT

Registration link: https://cc.readytalk.com/r/ln1wrikg89gg&eom

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