Managing Managers: Creating A Culture Of Accountability

Date: 7/29/2019
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00pm EST
Managing managers poses unique challenges, especially when it comes to cultivating a culture of accountability. The leadership team of any organization sets the tone for accountability – the actions of leaders determine whether the supervisors they manage feel a sense of accountability themselves, as well as whether they hold their employees accountable.

As a department head, regional manager, executive, HR professional, business owner, or other professional who oversees or works closely with those who manage employees, the way you lead your direct reports will directly impact how they supervise their own teams.

Attend this informative session and learn what accountability really means in the context of a business, along with best practices for managing managers when your goal is to improve accountability. Discover common myths about managing managers and how such perceptions can create barriers to accountability. Find out how to overcome these barriers and empower your direct reports to incorporate accountability into their teams for improved organizational results.What You'll Learn:
  • The relationship between organizational leadership and accountability
  • Building a business case for accountability
  • Four common barriers to accountability and how to overcome them
  • Six keys to improving organizational accountability
  • Identifying – and applying! – the four W’s of accountability
  • Coaching managers and supervisors to hold team members accountable
  • Setting the stage for direct report success
Managing Managers: Creating A Culture Of Accountability
Available Live on 7/29/2019, or on CD or On-Demand formats
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