Time Management for HR Professionals

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Time Management for HR ProfessionalsHow To Deal With Interruptions, Time Wasters, Email Overload, And Your Own Procrastination

HR has a lot on its plate today: not only do we have to juggle our regular work of payroll, benefits, COBRA, FMLA, Workers' Comp, and numerous other tasks, but we also have to be responsive to employee questions and handle sometimes-difficult managers - all while trying to be "strategic"!

Some days, it's tough just to make time for a cup of coffee! But now there is help.

This program teaches you how to do a better job of managing your schedule while improving your individual and departmental performance.

Learning Objectives:

In this 90-minute audio conference, you will learn:

  • Is it you, or is it them? Who is causing your time management challenges?
  • How to deal with Email Overload
  • Time management tools to effectively manage your schedule - instead of it managing you
  • Why HR is "getting crushed under the weight" of too many administrative tasks - and what to do about it!
  • The dangers of HR "Job Description Creep"
  • How to align your activities with top priorities
  • How to deal with office interruptions and "got a minute?'s"
  • How to shift from being passive to assertive when it comes to assignments and deadlines
  • What causes procrastination—and how to overcome it to improve personal performance
Time Management for HR Professionals
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