How To Determine What Is A Reasonable Accommodation

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How To Determine What Is A Reasonable AccommodationThe ADA Amendments Act made managing your ADA responsibilities tougher by substantially changing certain compliance requirements.

Specifically, the law broadened the list of Major Life Activities re "major bodily functions", creating a way for employees to game the system. In fact, it's been reported that some dishonest employees are asking their doctors to write out, specifically, what they want as an accommodation!

This must-attend training session will help to ensure you are current on the law, understand how to identify true, qualified disabilities, how to handle employee accommodation requests, and how to handle requests that are unreasonable and create an undue hardship on the employer.What You'll Learn:This training session will help you to understand:
  • The ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA), including significant changes in what constitutes a disability
  • How to determine if an employee has a qualified disability - and how to document appropriately
  • How to identify specific challenges when handling issues involving mental disabilities such as Bipolar Affective Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Depression, and others
  • How to manage the balancing act of providing reasonable accommodations while also handling the "sticky issues" such as declining employee performance, absenteeism, and unreasonable requests
  • How to document an “undue hardship” to provide the basis for denying an employee a reasonable accommodation
How To Determine What Is A Reasonable Accommodation
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