OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements

OSHA Recordkeeping RequirementsThis audio conference covers OSHA's recordkeeping requirements.

This session helps you understand which records you are required to keep - and how to keep them. It also covers the latest OSHA recordkeeping rules - effective as of Jan 2015 - relating to its recordkeeping requirements, including the new rule requiring certain employers to notify OSHA within 24 hours of certain work-related incidents. What You'll Learn:

Learning Objectives:

By attending, you and your team will learn:

  • Which industries are covered - and which are exempted – by the rules
  • What types of injuries must now be reported
  • What you are required to report
  • Acceptable reporting methods. For instance, you can't just leave a voicemail!
  • What records are required to be kept
  • About the required OSHA forms (OSHA 300, 300a and 301) - and how to complete them
  • The applicable time periods for maintaining and retaining records
  • The consequences of failing to keep the required records
  • Best practices for making sure your company is in compliance 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959