Open Enrollment: How To Increase Your Success & Reduce Your Stress

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Open Enrollment: How To Increase Your Success & Reduce Your StressDo you dread open enrollment? Most HR and Benefits professionals do. Considering that you have to relate increases in price, cost sharing, shifting, or benefit decreases - and its no wonder HR professionals dread open enrollment!

But guess what? With today's economy, benefits are becoming increasingly important to employees, so you should expect even more questions than usual this year. may be faced with explaining increasingly complex benefits in less time this year - and often to those only open to half your message.

What You'll Learn:

This audio conference will help you to better-plan and proactively deal with this year's Open Enrollment season - and ensure your employees walk away from enrollment feeling like they have the best benefits ever!

  • Why open enrollment can be used as a time for HR to shine
  • How to get through to employees so they fully understand all their options
  • How to get leadership and front-line managers to support your efforts
  • How vendors and service providers can help you - maybe more than you know
  • Using technology to ease the process without losing the human touch
  • How to choose what to highlight and focus on without overloading employees
  • How to share cost increases without the rest of your message being shut out
  • Dealing with emotions from apathy all the way to open hostility
  • Preparation tips for questions and concerns
  • Being a good spokesperson for your company
  • Giving thought to branding your employment benefits
Open Enrollment: How To Increase Your Success & Reduce Your Stress
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