Managing Gen Y And Millennials In A Multi-Generational Workplace

Managing Gen Y And Millennials In A Multi-Generational WorkplaceThe face of the modern workforce has changed, with Generation Y and Millennial employees now making up the largest portion of the workforce.

If you’ve been around a bit longer, you may sometimes find it a bit challenging to manage team members from the younger generations. And it probably doesn’t shock you to hear that they can find it a little challenging to work with you, too!

The key to effectively managing Gen Y and Millennials in the modern-day multi-generational workplace starts with putting a stop to stereotyping people based on the timeframe in which they were born and raised and instead recognizing the unique value each generation – and each individual contributor! – has to offer. After all, each generation is unique – just as each person is unique – and people from all age groups absolutely can – and do! – make significant contributions in the modern workplace.

Stop claiming that younger workers don’t have a work ethic – they do…it just may be different from yours. And different doesn’t mean worse. Stop asking how you can get younger workers to approach the work environment more like workers from previous generations. They won’t. And there are good reason for that.What You'll Learn:
Positive change starts with understanding. In this informative audio conference, you will discover the real reasons why Gen Y & Millennial employees approach work differently from previous generations. You’ll also learn practical, concrete tips and strategies you can apply to effectively manage and lead employees and teams from these generations. Key topics include:
  • The impact and importance of generational diversity as a point of inclusion
  • Key formative influences impacting characteristics and workplace behaviors of Gen-Y and Millennial employees
  • Highlights of key differences between the youngest generations of workers and others in the workplace as well as those now retired yet whose influence still shapes workplace practices
  • Tips for managing & working with Gen Y & Millennials as individuals and within multi-generational teams and workplaces
  • Communication strategies to help bridge cross-generational and individual differences in the workplace
  • Practical strategies for embracing generational diversity to build a better workplace and gain competitive advantage 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959