Injury-Proofing New Employees

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Injury-Proofing New EmployeesDuring this interactive session, you will learn what works and what doesn't in teaching safety to new employees, how best to teach safety, and how to get buy-in from management!

By instilling your safety values starting on their first day on the job, you not only ensure that your new employees will work more safely and more productively with the team, but that they'll also stick around longer.

Enroll today to ensure your employees are a safe, productive, and long-term part of your organization!What You'll Learn:By attending this training session, you and your co-workers will learn:
  • What works and what doesn't work in training new employees
  • The key components of effective safety training programs
  • How to create a new hire safety training program that covers the basics in a memorable, non-overwhelming way
  • Who should participate in the delivery of safety training programs
  • Why conducting safety training for new hires is a good investment - and how to sell it to top management
  • Evaluating your new employee safety training program's success
Injury-Proofing New Employees
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