How To Successfully Influence Others Through Assertive Communication

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How To Successfully Influence Others Through Assertive CommunicationA lot of HR Generalists and Managers have been thrown into HR without having had the proper managerial development and are often challenged in how to manage difficult conversations, particularly with senior leaders and business owners.

Being skilled in how to communicate assertively and effectively requires knowing how to work with key stakeholders to avoid being simply overruled in meetings and collaborative discussions. It also requires knowing when and how to assert yourself in meetings, in one-on-one discussions with key decision makers, and in settings that require you to influence outcomes, as well as knowing how to establish some personal and professional boundaries to avoid impacts to work/life balance and professional burnout.

In this training session from an HR veteran with 25 years experience, you and/or your managers and supervisors will learn best practices for interacting with - and influencing – direct reports, department heads, and senior leaders. You'll also learn some tips for maximizing your work/life balance!What You'll Learn:
  • Distinguish the difference between aggressiveness, assertiveness—and passive aggressiveness and how to stay in the “assertive-zone”
  • Recognize tone of voice mistakes that cause others to question your competence—and how to make an immediate shift to exude confidence
  • Identify the difference in how the genders communicate so you can be more effective in both verbal and non-verbal body language
    Learn to change the way you manage one-on-one interactions and brief encounters with leaders and key stakeholders so you are memorable vs. forgettable
  • Be able to construct personal and professional boundaries to diplomatically push back on tasks and work assignments that HR doesn’t need to own
  • Best practices for handling meeting conflicts more skillfully, especially with individuals who may try to discredit you in front of the boss
How To Successfully Influence Others Through Assertive Communication
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