How To Minimize The Negative Impact Of Difficult Team Members

Managing a team can pose unique challenges, particularly when there are team members that just don’t get along with each other or that seem to enjoy making things difficult for others. It’s easy to point fingers and single out some members as “difficult” – but the reality is that every team member plays a role in how the team functions, and that includes putting a stop to negative behaviors from difficult team members.

When members of a team exhibit negative behaviors, that often is an indicator that the team lacks cohesiveness. When you’re the leader of a team where difficult team members cause barriers to team effectiveness, you can make a difference by focusing on building cohesiveness.

The good news is that building a cohesive team isn’t difficult. However, it does take hard work. That hard work leads to trust, commitment to the team and a willingness to work through conflict in a constructive way. What You'll Learn:Attend this informative audio conference and learn how you can minimize the impact of negative behaviors from difficult team members by building a truly cohesive team. Key topics covered include:
  • Diagnose/identify true challenges to team cohesiveness to develop substantive, lasting change (rather than one-size-fits all team building efforts) consistent with business strategy
  • Dedicate time and resources to fostering vulnerability-based trust among team members, which is required before it’s possible to work through and minimize the impact of negative behaviors exhibited by difficult team members
  • Develop an understanding of your own unique style and strengths, weaknesses and adapt your approach to exert positive influence and set an appropriate example for difficult employees and other team members
  • Convey the purpose of the team in a manner to foster team member buy-in to the team’s purpose and goals
  • Be prepared for confrontation and potential difficult conversations with employees who don't get along, providing a safe environment for them to work through the conflict together
By implementing the best practices and practical strategies covered in this session, you’ll be on your way to a better workplace through stronger teams where difficult employee behavior become a thing of the past. 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959