How To Avoid Safety Mistakes That Cost You Money

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How To Avoid Safety Mistakes That Cost You MoneyEvery year, thousands of employers are cited for violating one of the many OSHA standards. These violations bring with them not only fines, they also put your organization on OSHA's "radar" for repeat visits.

The sad part is that the list of the top ten violations is virtually unchanged each year, meaning that just knowing what these are could make these types of violations virtually avoidable at your company - for both the aggravation and the fines!

The best way to avoid fines and intense inspections is to know not only what the common violations are, but to be in compliance before you get inspected!What You'll Learn:By attending this training session, you and your co-workers will learn:
  • The list of the top ten violations
  • How the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) applies to your business and how this Standard has changed under the Global Harmonization Standard (GHS)
  • What all employers are required to do to ensure a safe workplace
  • Why every employer needs to understand about the Standards that apply to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • What OSHA requires in the way of controlling hazardous energies
  • The requirements of the OSHA Injury & Illness Recordkeeping Standard and how OSHA is focusing on this Standard
  • How to create an effective Emergency Action Plan and comply with the Medical and First Aid Standard
  • The importance of complying with the Exit Routes Standard and how to integrate this into your Fire Prevention Plan
How To Avoid Safety Mistakes That Cost You Money
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