How To Coach Up Or Counsel Out Problem Employees

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How To Coach Up Or Counsel Out Problem EmployeesA great, fun place to work includes everyone working together, operating effectively, and doing everything they can to help the business succeed. Unfortunately, some employees just don't work well with others and need to be counseled or replaced.

This training session teaches ways to coach up - or counsel out - problem employees.

Learning Objectives:

There are a number of performance tools available to employers that help their employees function at top capacity or to exit the organization legally and diplomatically.

For top performers, low performers, and everyone in between, it is important to have applicable, accurate, clear, and consistent records to prove the appropriate use of these performance management tools.

By attending this audio conference, you will learn:

  • What are the performance management tools that all employers need to use?
  • How using performance management tools can increase productivity and align employee actions with organizational strategic goals
  • Using performance management tools to help remove the fear from managers in managing the performance of, or taking employment actions towards low performing employees
  • How your performance management tools (and how they were used) will be scrutinized in legal disputes or regulatory inquires
  • How performance management tools improve communications between employees and their managers
  • How using performance management tools assist managers to develop into more effective managers
  • PLUS Why all documentation is not good documentation!
How To Coach Up Or Counsel Out Problem Employees
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