Transitioning To Management: How To Succeed As A New Supervisor

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Transitioning To Management: How To Succeed As A New SupervisorIs it time to step up to management? Whether you are a newly promoted manager or if you are starting to focus on preparing to move up to this kind of role, you need to learn about the unique challenges of transitioning to management and find out the keys to succeeding as a new supervisor.

It’s not unusual for people to move into supervisory roles without realizing just what they are getting into – including how the job is different from what they’ve done in the past as well as the good, the bad and the ugly about what it means to be in charge.

Attend this informative audio conference and find out how (and why!) you can expect things to change when you step up into a supervisory role, and what you should do to prepare for success.What You'll Learn:In this session, you'll learn the common components of every management position, the inherent challenges faced by newer supervisors, the many roles and task that supervisors must fulfill, and the traits and characteristics that a person needs in order to succeed in a managerial role. Key topics include:
  • 4 necessary functions of management
  • 3 key categories of managerial skills: technical, human, and conceptual
  • How to overcome the unique challenges of transitioning from peer to supervisor
  • Key roles and tasks managers must fulfill
  • The rewards and drawbacks of being a supervisor (aka, the good, the bad, and the ugly)
  • Characteristics of effective managers
  • Practical tips for supervisory success
Transitioning To Management: How To Succeed As A New Supervisor
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