Employee Handbooks: Key Issues For 2019

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Employee Handbooks: Key Issues For 2019As a recent survey noted, many organizations have a disconnect between the drafting and issuing of handbook policies and the practices that ensure those policies are effectively implemented.

To help alleviate this problem, this training session reviews current employee handbook policies and discusses how organizations can reduce the gap between policy issuance and effective implementation.What You'll Learn:
  • Review the key findings of the recent employee handbook survey
  • Review the basics of employee handbook development
  • Discuss the expanding purposes and scope of employee handbooks
  • Learn the dimensions of critical handbook policies
  • Understand the framework of employee handbook audits activities
  • Develop employee handbook Key Performance Indicators
This program is designed for HR professionals, risk managers, internal auditors, in-house counsel, CFOs, CEOs, and management consultants and other individuals who want to learn how to use develop and implement employee handbooks.
Employee Handbooks: Key Issues For 2019
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