ACA: New Reporting Requirements For 2016

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ACA: New Reporting Requirements For 2016As per the recent Supreme Court ruling, the reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act are effective January 1, 2016.

This webinar will provide you with specifics on employer and employee reporting requirements. It covers such topics as:
  • Which employers are subject
  • Required reporting – and when it is due
  • Who needs to do the reporting
  • What options are available for electronic reporting
  • How the Affordable Care Act law has changed not only reporting but taxation, cafeteria plans, and more
Further, this training session will help allay your concerns with how the reporting should occur, and will help you to better understand the new IRS forms, definitions, and requirements, including:
  • Employee Reporting 1095B & 1095C
  • Employer Reporting 1094B & 1094C
  • What does “Minimum Essential Coverage Reporting” mean to the employer
  • Details of the “Employer Responsibility Provision” of the ACA
  • What is the “Employer Insurance” responsibility
  • Steps for reporting for your company’s insurance plan(s)
  • Tax changes associated with the ACA
ACA: New Reporting Requirements For 2016
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