Best Practices For Job Safety And Job Hazard Analysis

Best Practices For Job Safety And Job Hazard AnalysisA Job Safety Analysis (JSA) or Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is an important element to have in a comprehensive Safety and Health Management System, and is a very effective way to help mitigate health and safety hazards in the workplace.

A JSA/JHA is a three-step process that helps prevents employee accidents and injuries. The first step of a JSA/JHA identifies all of the sequential steps of how a job or job task is done. The second step lists all health and safety hazards identified in the job or job process. The third and most important step identifies safety mitigation steps to prevent employee injuries from occurring on that particular job.What You'll Learn:This webinar will cover how to effectively create and implement JSAs/JHAs in the workplace to prevent employee injuries. By attending, you and/or your team will learn:
  • What a JSA/JHA is
  • Learn the importance of implementing JSAs/JHAs in the workplace
  • How to effectively create JSAs/JHAs
  • How to effectively implement JSAs/JHAs
  • How to conduct effective employee training to create JSAs/JHAs
  • How to prioritize creating JSAs/JHAs
  • Best Practices for creating JSAs/JHAs
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