How To Improve HR's Influence And Negotiation Skills

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How To Improve HR's Influence And Negotiation SkillsIn order to be a successful HR professional, it requires knowing how to assert yourself in meetings, in one-on-one discussions with key decision makers, and in settings that require you to influence outcomes.

Being successful also requires knowing how to establish some personal and professional boundaries to avoid impacts to work/life balance and professional burnout.

In this training session from an HR veteran with 25 years experience, you will learn best practices for interacting with - and influencing - difficult department heads and senior leaders. You'll learn some tips for maximizing your work/life balance.What You'll Learn:
  • Identifying communication challenges and developing strategies for dealing with department heads and senior leadership. For instance:

    • Recognizing gender differences in communication: Strategic vs. Task focus
    • Understanding Aggressiveness vs. Assertiveness: There is a BIG difference
    • Identifying how to project a more confident, assertive presence through non-verbal body language
    • How to adjust your personal communication style to wield more influence
    • How to use brief interactions with others to maximize your influence and position

  • Ways to create boundaries regarding workload and departmental "ownership"
  • Meeting tips and techniques, including how to handle difficult individuals who try to intimidate and challenge you in front of others
How To Improve HR's Influence And Negotiation Skills
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