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How To Handle The 7 Dwarfs Of Difficult Behaviors
This audio conference will help you improve your skills and working relationships with those managers and co-workers that can make your worklife not only aggravating but even worse, lowering your productivity.
Time Management Tips For Busy Professionals
This audio conference will teach you how to do a better job of managing your time. It will give you practical tools, tips, and techniques to help you master your time management challenges, improve your productivity, and help you improve your work/life balance.
Managing Your Boss With  Negotiation, Influence, And Persuasion
This audio conference will improve your skills and working relationships with those who manage you by your learning to manage your end of the working relationship
Top 10 Things To Ensure Your Success As A New HR Professional
What you do in the first 90 days sets the stage for your future in the company and how effective you will be. But it's hard to plan if you don't know what you're supposed to actually do!
Powerful & Professional HR Presentations: How To Speak With Confidence, Clarity, And Precision
HR often has to explain complicated (sometimes unwelcome) concepts to many different kinds of people with varying educational levels and it is imperative that HR have the best speaking skills in the organization.
Strategies For Managing Your HR Career
This training will walk you through how to assess your current situation, identify the various disciplines in HR that you may not have considered, how to recognize your career strengths and opportunities, and how to obtain the necessary resources you need in order to create a successful career track.
HR Skill Builder: How To Successfully Influence Others Through Assertive Communication
In this training session from an HR veteran with 25 years experience, you and/or your managers and supervisors will learn best practices for interacting with - and influencing – direct reports, department heads, and senior leaders. You'll also learn some tips for maximizing your work/life balance!
How To Manage Your HR Career - Without It Managing You
In this training session, you'll learn how to identify your current level of career satisfaction to set your "career compass" to the right heading. 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959