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Leadership Training for ManagersEffective leaders demonstrate management skills and communication skills. Even as leadership styles vary, all managers need leadership skills for essential management tasks as well as for successfully mastering face to face interactions with team members. Every leader can improve these essential skills.

How Our Leadership Training for Managers Works

Get the skills you need quickly and efficiently.

Our training program uses different modules for manager training. Leadership students can choose only one, some, or all of our leadership courses - depending on their individual needs. That way, each leader get an individual leadership program with each segment requiring only 90 minutes or less of their time - no need for whole-day workshops. Our effective leadership skills training uses interactive webinars.

Leadership Training Courses

Effective leadership training for managers without wasting time

Here are some of our most successful leadership training for managers courses.Note that you can get all of our courses by selecting one of our bundle options.
Featured Courses:

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How To Keep Your Meetings From Sucking
In this audio conference, you’ll learn how to organize different types of meetings, lead and handle meetings that accomplish the intended purpose of your meetings, and deal with troublesome individuals.
Company Ethics: How To Set The Tone As A Leader
This informative audio conference covers a variety of topics related to ethical decision making in the business world, emphasizing the idea that ethical decision making practices are in the best long term interests of the company, as well as of its employees, customers, and the larger community.
Boot Camp For Supervising Generation Y
In this training, you will learn how to inspire and engage your Gen Y employees, maximizing productivity, profitability, and creating a great work environment.
Beyond the Basics of Leadership: Understanding What Leaders Can't Do
Take advantage of this informative audio conference where you'll learn the traits and actions that can unknowingly sabotage people in leadership positions.
How To Develop A High-Performance Coaching Culture
Join us and learn how to develop the skills that impact productivity and profitability and develope a high performance team.
How To Successfully Influence Others Through Assertive Communication
In this training session from an HR veteran with 25 years experience, you and/or your managers and supervisors will learn best practices for interacting with - and influencing – direct reports, department heads, and senior leaders. You'll also learn some tips for maximizing your work/life balance!
How To Drive Results
In this informative audio conference, you'll learn just how dramatically the U.S. work environment has changed and what contemporary leadership is - and isn't.
Contemporary Leadership: How to Drive Results, Manage Risk, and Improve Employee Relations
In this Webinar, learn what it takes to be a contemporary leader, and what you need to do to improve your leadership skills - and the skills of your leadership team
webinar event
This audio conference will help you to develop the essential listening skills that workers value so much.
How To Transition From Task Master To People Leader
Whether you are a new or a seasoned manager, your performance comes as a direct result of the people you supervise. Learn how to make the transition from "Task Master" to "People Leader" with this great audio conference. 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959