SPHR/PHR Certification Classes 

PHR Certification ClassesTaking our phr and sphr certification courses certified by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) prepares you for the phr/sphr exam.  This human resources certificate program is the standard for Human Resources professionals. Any hr professional who is serious about HR management will want to pass the certification exam.  By passing the PHR exam you will position yourself for moving up in the HR department without the need for an additional bachelor’s degree.

Most all our courses also qualify for credits towards the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP designation.  Our courses are offered as webinars and make excellent exam prep.

Be An Associate Professional Through PHR Certification Classes

Being an associate professional means you are upward mobile.

Get Ready for the PHR Exam

The pass rate for the PHR exam is only around 50%. So, do not just waste the exam fee. Truely get ready.

The PHR certification simply is the standard for HR.

Let Our SPHR Prep Courses Move You to the Next Level

Choose the sphr prep course or courses that are right for you.

Here are some of the PHR/SPHR courses we offer for becoming an Associate Professional:As you can see, we offer a wide variey of PHR Certification classes and related courses. Please check below to find additional offerings.

Also Available: SHRM Certification Classes

SHRM certification classes offer a great way for augmenting your HR education. Most all courses listed below also qualify for SHRM certification credits.
Featured Courses:

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Rules For Safety Reward And Incentive Programs
This training session discusses how to develop a new - or revise an existing - Incentive/Reward Program that will help you promote positive safety behaviors in your workers - and stand up to OSHA scrutiny!
Compliance Tips For Handling Commute v Travel Pay
This audio conference covers the IRS rules regarding what is considered travel versus commute and what is an allowable expense versus taxable wages. Most importantly, it will enable you to understand how and when to compensate an employee for travel time away from a work site.
Tips For Tracking, Monitoring, And Managing Your Workers' Comp Claims
Join us for a 90-minute audio conference when our expert reviews successful strategies for tracking, monitoring, and managing your workers' comp claims at work.
Rules And Requirements For Employee Expense Reimbursements
Reimbursements of employee business expenses made under accountable plans can be excluded from an employee's gross income; do you know the fundamentals of how an accountable plan works? Do you provide a per diem to your employees and are you aware of the accounting issues associated with the use of per diems? Are your employees given an advance prior to traveling?
Workers' Compensation Tips: 31 Practical Tips That Strengthen Your Workers' Comp Program - And Your Bottom Line
If these or other workers' comp problems are testing your patience, you need some ways to strengthen your program and your profits! And this audio conference will help!
Best Methods For State Income Tax Withholding
By attending this audio conference you will learn the best practices around withholding issues.
12 Ways To Minimize Workers Comp Fraud
Most people administering Workers' Compensation for their employer are not in the insurance business - or not even in a safety role at work - recognizing and putting a stop to those that would defraud the system can be daunting. But this training session can help!
Sick Pay Administration: Benefits & Hazards Of A TPA
During this audio conference we will review the use of third party vendors in the sick pay process.
Fundamentals Of Form W-2 & Form W-4 Processing
This training session covers the Form W-4 and Form W-2, and provides critical training to help you to stay on top of current rules and regulations regarding these forms.
Keeping Workers' Comp Injuries From Becoming Permanent Vacations
Establishing a Return To Work Program that creates the opportunity to return employees to their original jobs in the least time necessary.
Incentives & Rewards:  How To Create And Manage A Successful Program
Learn how to make sure your incentive program is successful by having clearly defined outcomes, appropriate and substantial rewards, efficient communication, and metrics capable of providing determinate information as to the success or failure of your plans.
Executive Compensation And The IRS – How To Keep Compliant AND Avoid Legal Issues
The IRS and many state employment tax agencies have stated that they are targeting Executive Compensation issues when they perform both employment tax audits and income tax audits. This audio conference covers what the IRS has stated they will focus on - and how these items should be treated for payroll tax purposes.
Handling Safety And Workers Comp In The One-Person HR Office
This training session covers the basics of being the Safety / Workers' Comp person in a one-person HR office.
Background Checks - Screening Strategies To Protect Your Business
Employers must brush up on their interviewing and hiring skills, but they also need to learn about how to use Facebook, Google, and other “new” methods for doing background checks – plus know what they can and can’t do legally if they find problems!
Workers' Comp: How To Manage Your High-Risk Lost-Time Claims
Join us for a 90-minute audio conference when our workers’ compensation expert will address best practices to help you manage your claim(s) and stay out of litigation that places you and your employee as adversaries.
10 Employee Benefits Mistakes You Will Make This Year – And How To Fix Them
In “The Ten Employee Benefits Mistakes You Will Make This Year”, Bob Ellerbrock of Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP will review the most common mistakes plan sponsors make and offer practical solutions for getting things right – and mitigating liability!
Integrating Occupationally-Injured Employees Back Into the Workplace
By attending this training session, you will learn how to successfully transition occupationally-injured employees back into the workplace. 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959