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Webinars are the quick and efficient way to excel in human resources management.Human Resources Training Courses

Online human resources training offers some key benefits for busy HR professionals. We offer courses strategic HR management as well as general management training. You will hone your skills quickly on such topics as implementing cafeteria plans and many more.

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None of our HR courses will take longer than 90 minutes, but almost all of them offer PHR/SPHR credits. Thereby you can pursue your HR training certification program in a very efficient way. Our online courses are offered as webinars.

Our Human Resources Training Courses

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Changing The Perception Of The HR Department
In this informative audio conference, you’ll learn the root causes that contribute to HR’s poor reputation, how to improve it, and steps you need to take to improve Ops "HR-IQ".
Why Do Managers Give HR A Hard Time? How To Improve Your Relationship With Managers, Improve Cooperation, And Minimize Conflict
There are many factors that contribute to why managers don't "get it", and in this training session we'll discuss some of the root causes, as well as ways to proactively address the issue.
Succession Planning Strategies
This audio conference will help you to identify the traits that indicate that whetehr leadership may or may not be the right choice for a particular individual.
How to Improve HR's Function From Tactical
You will learn what HR must own and manage on a daily basis, how to build and maintain a high-performing organization, and how to align HR's activities with strategic objectives.
Best Methods For State Income Tax Withholding
By attending this audio conference you will learn the best practices around withholding issues.
HR Auditing: Critical Issues For Managing And Ensuring Compliance
How effective is your organization's human resource management? This session discusses the development and use of HR Audits in answering these questions and addressing critical risk management and due diligence issues.
 Agile Basics For HR
"Agile" is a team-focused approach that emphasizes adaptability and collaboration for solutions that meet organizational and customer needs - while also being responsive to change in real time.
How To Transform HR's Image
In this cutting edge training session, you'll learn how to improve your perception as an HR leader to more effectively collaborate and influence leaders, how to become a "strategic business partner" and ally to other managers, plus how to evaluate your current organizational environment to determine the "political landscape".
How To Identify, Develop, And Move Talented Employees To The Next Level
Does your organization have what it takes to keep the next generation of employees and develop them into successful leaders? In this informative audio conference, you will learn how to effectively motivate young leaders to lead your company to success.
How To Confront Bad Work Habits That Hold Employees Back
Regardless of what the bad work habit is, your job is to address the problem as soon as you have the facts. Join guest speaker, Carol Hacker, and learn how to get results by putting an end to unproductive and disruptive bad work habits.
Strategies For Managing Your HR Career
This training will walk you through how to assess your current situation, identify the various disciplines in HR that you may not have considered, how to recognize your career strengths and opportunities, and how to obtain the necessary resources you need in order to create a successful career track.
How To Improve Employee Engagement
Attend this informative audio conference to find out how you can start creating a culture of employee engagement in your own organization.
webinar event
This training session will help you address – and remove – nasty behavior and help ensure your organization is a good place to work!
10 Employee Benefits Mistakes You Will Make This Year – And How To Fix Them
In “The Ten Employee Benefits Mistakes You Will Make This Year”, Bob Ellerbrock of Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP will review the most common mistakes plan sponsors make and offer practical solutions for getting things right – and mitigating liability!
Stepping Up To Management: Tips For People Considering A Move To Management
This audio conference gives you an overview of what changes you can expect when you step up into a supervisory role - as well as teaches the steps you can take to convince your employer that you are ready to be a manager! 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959