Workers' Comp Claim Training

The Bottom-Line Impact of Each Workers' Comp Claim

Workers' Comp 101Each workers compensation claim needs to be handled with the utmost care.

Workers' comp claims need to be handled with the utmost care. Most people agree on the merits of the system for helping with injury or illness. As an HR manager you are directly involved whenever an injured employee files a claim. Whenever you receive a claim form, your work starts dealing with the insurance carrier and sometimes even with the workers compensation board.

In most states workers' comp is carried by private insurance companies that are in the business of making money. So your handling of workers' compensation claims will have a real impact on the bottom line of your business.

Of course, your first objective is to make sure that employees who suffer work-related injuries get the proper medical treatment for their well being and the well being of your organization. At the same token, you also need to inspect medical reports carefully and look out for less than honest employees who are gaming the system.

Available Courses on Workers Compensation Claim Handling

Get the training that makes each workers' comp claim easier to handle.

We offer tried and proven courses on all aspects of workers' comp claim training. You can get clear, concise and definite advice on cost savings in workers' comp, as well as advise on making the system more efficient and detecting and handling suspected workers' comp fraud.

Many of our customers really enjoy the following courses:You can find more workers' comp courses taught by leading industry experts below.
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Workers' Compensation Tips: 31 Practical Tips That Strengthen Your Workers' Comp Program - And Your Bottom Line
If these or other workers' comp problems are testing your patience, you need some ways to strengthen your program and your profits! And this audio conference will help!
12 Ways To Minimize Workers Comp Fraud
Most people administering Workers' Compensation for their employer are not in the insurance business - or not even in a safety role at work - recognizing and putting a stop to those that would defraud the system can be daunting. But this training session can help!
Workers' Comp Cost Savings Tips
By attending this training session, you and your team will learn proper Workers' Compensation claims handling procedures.
Keeping Workers' Comp Injuries From Becoming Permanent Vacations
Establishing a Return To Work Program that creates the opportunity to return employees to their original jobs in the least time necessary.
Perception Surveys: How To Harness Employee Ideas For Safety Improvement
A Safety Perception Survey can increase employee involvement, awareness, morale, and responsibility regarding your safety, health, and security programs.
Handling Safety And Workers Comp In The One-Person HR Office
This training session covers the basics of being the Safety / Workers' Comp person in a one-person HR office.
Conflict Resolution: Win-Win Strategies for Managers & Employees
Learn the conflict management skills you need to prevent or resolve conflict before it gets out of control.
New Employee Safety Orientation: Effective Techniques In Training
In this fast-paced Audio Conference, you will learn the proven techniques of developing, delivering, and assessing effective safety training for new employees.
Safety Strategies And Risk Mitigation When Handling Terminations, Investigations, And Performance Problems
This training session will teach you steps for planning, detecting, preventing, and protecting your workplace in investigations, terminations, performance plans, and management intervention situations.
9 Ways To Spot, Handle, and Reduce Workers' Comp Fraud
Sometimes the tell-tale signs of a fraudulent claim are apparent right away; other times they don't develop until the claim is already in progress, but either way, you need to know what to do to protect your organization.
Integrating Occupationally-Injured Employees Back Into the Workplace
By attending this training session, you will learn how to successfully transition occupationally-injured employees back into the workplace.
Workers' Comp: How To Manage Your High-Risk Lost-Time Claims
Join us for a 90-minute audio conference when our workers’ compensation expert will address best practices to help you manage your claim(s) and stay out of litigation that places you and your employee as adversaries.
Coordinating Paid And Unpaid Leave With Laws, Benefits, Policies, And Employer Obligations
This training session provides insights on how to properly coordinate - and avoid mistakes with - coordinating laws, benefits, and policies, whether for paid or unpaid leave or legally required. 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959