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OSHA regulation has become more stringent every year since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was formed in 1970. Many practices that were once established industry standards are now subjects to heavy fines and closer scrutiny by the federal government. This scrutiny ties up your HR department. Reducing workplace hazards therefore makes sense not just for the sake of your employee’s health and physical integrity, but also for economic and workflow reasons. J
Highly qualified job applicants are also more likely to hire on with companies that can convincingly provide a proven track record of strong safety.
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Emergency Response: What To Do, What To Say, And How To Plan For It
This training session will help you develop a simple, easy, and effective emergency response plan.
Five Strategies For Minimizing Incidents In Aging Workforces
From the loss of visual sharpness to slower reaction times to physical limitations, an older workforce faces different challenges. Learn how to minimize incidents in an aging workforce.
Training Supervisors To Make Your Company Safer And More Profitable
Safety ultimately is about what happens in the workplace. And in most organizations, supervisors are key influencers of the organization’s effectiveness of it's safety programs.
OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements
If you are subject to the new OSHA rules, you need to know what records you are required to keep and how to keep them. This audio conference is designed to give you a crash course on just that!
Perception Surveys: How To Harness Employee Ideas For Safety Improvement
A Safety Perception Survey can increase employee involvement, awareness, morale, and responsibility regarding your safety, health, and security programs.
New OSHA Rule: Electronic Reporting Requirements
This training provides participants with the tools, skills, and knowledge to make the correct recordkeeping and reporting decisions, and is particularly important in light of the new regulations on electronic reporting of injury forms to OSHA rather than just keeping this information internal to your organization.
OSHA I2P2: How The New Standard Will Impact Your Business - And How To Comply Now
In this audio conference, you will learn about the elements of an effective IIPP and how to create, maintain, or revise an existing IIPP customized for your business.
Strategies For Improving Safety Committee Effectiveness
This 90-minute audio conference will help improve your safety committee’s effectiveness – and ultimately reduce accidents
Tips For Communicating Workplace Safety To Employees
Whether you are someone who is experienced in workplace communication techniques or you are new to the topic, this training session will provide you with tools, tips, and techniques to improve safety communication in your workplace, and thereby reduce injuries and costs.
Proven Tips For Successful Lockout/Tagout & Machine Guarding
This 90-minute Audio Conference will dig into the specifics of Lockout/Tagout and show you what can be done right now to take your LOTO program and procedures to the next level.
Understanding Industrial Hygiene Data
This presentation describes why it is important to understand the sources of uncertainty in industrial hygiene data, particularly where only a few samples are collected.
How To Improve Your Safety Results Through Six Sigma QMS
This informative audio conference will show you how to effectively use Six Sigma/Quality Management to improve your organization.
GHS: Training Requirements For The New OSHA Hazard Communication Standards
There are big changes to chemical labels, classifications, warnings, and Material Data Safety Sheets. And to keep your employees safe and to comply with the law, you must train your employees on these changes now.
New Employee Safety Orientation: Effective Techniques In Training
In this fast-paced Audio Conference, you will learn the proven techniques of developing, delivering, and assessing effective safety training for new employees.
Safety PR: What To Say When A Serious Incident Hits Your Organization
This session will identify key rules for speaking to audiences during a crisis - and help you see where your organization might be at risk if you haven’t figured out what you will say when that time comes.
Internal Safety Audits: How To Reduce Costs And Increase Safety Performance
Establishing safety programs and developing a culture of safety are great steps in ensuring a safe workplace. But how do you know if the programs and policies you have implemented are really doing the job intended? The answer is simple: without checking, you don’t.
 Contractors And Subcontractors: A Comprehensive Approach To Managing Their Safety
This presentation covers the basics of a safety program for contractors and subcontractors.
The People Side of Safety Education
This training session offers compelling content that will bring your safety training to life and enable you, the safety professional, to sleep better at night.
Safety Recordkeeping: 10 Common Mistakes To Avoid
This interactive audio conference covers the hot spots in safety documentation that most employers experience. You will learn tips for proper documentation procedures, as well as how effective documentation can help protect your organization.
Breakthrough Strategies For Getting Your Safety Message Across
Training is only one element of a successful and sustainable safety program. Training may be a pleasant break from the usual routine for your employees, but too often the long-term results are missing. This audio conference offers compelling content that will bring your safety training to life and enable you, the safety professional, to sleep better at night.
Making Safety Work: Using Safety Committees To Reduce Costs
In this audio conference, you will learn how to utilize a safety committee to help improve your organization and its employees improve their illness and injury prevention efforts.
3 Costly Mistakes To Avoid In Safety Training
Is your safety training lacking excitement? Are employees more concerned about what kind of donuts to choose from rather than the life saving information you’ll be providing?
Avoiding Common Mistakes in Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention
In this program we will confront some of the most common but often unrecognized mistakes made in slip, trip, and fall prevention - and learn how to help employees avoid making them.
Understanding OSHA’s Whistleblower Regulations
Whistleblower lawsuits can be very damaging to a company's reputation and pocketbook. Take this course to find out all about OSHA's Whistleblower Regulations.
How To Develop And Conduct Safety Training
Attend this training session to help get you on the road to effective development and delivery of safety training in your workplace.
OSHAS 18001:2007 Guidance For Small Businesses
Learn how OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification can help your business.
How The Hazcom/GHS Final Rule Affects Your Workplace
This 90-minute program will give safety managers a clear understanding of the standard and specific examples of SDS and labeling requirements. 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959