Employee Recruitment

Recruitment and Selection Process

Recruitment and selection process together assure attracting top talent without wasting time and money.

Using LinkedIn for Employee RecruitmentThe employee recruitment process and hiring process go hand in hand. The aim is clear: to attract the top talent amongst job seekers, and end up with a good fit with the company culture.

Successful employee recruiting strategies start with posting enticing job descriptions on job boards and other means for attracting talent, such as job fairs and social media. Employee referrals from current employees are also an excellent source for potential candidates.

Completing the employee recruitment and selection process successfully means ending up with accepted job offers from top performers. HR/hiring managers need to not waste time and money. With the proper training, implementing successful employee recruiting strategies is much easier. Weeding out the candidate pool during the interview process becomes a lot more focused.

Training for Employee Recruitment

Having the tools for making informed employee recruitment and hiring decisions is the key in attracting and securing top talent for long-term employment.

Get the training for employee recruitment that gives you definite answers. Our proven courses are taught by seasoned experts that will detail in easy-to-understand ways how to get the most out of recruiting and hiring. Our broad spectrum of courses cover every step along the way from start to finish. Here are some of our most trusted courses:Check out other industry-leading courses on employee recruitment strategies and tactics below.
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How To Handle Employee's Accommodation Requests - And Identify Requests That Just Aren't Reasonable
This must-attend training session will help to ensure you are current on the law, understand how to identify true, qualified disabilities, how to handle employee accommodation requests, and how to handle requests that are unreasonable and create an undue hardship on the employer.
Using Criminal Records In Employment Decisions
In this training session, attorney and safe hiring expert Lester Rosen, presents a audio conference that goes beyond simply repeating the EEOC Guidance language and gives "real world" examples and suggestions on what employers should do now to remain in compliance while performing criminal background checks.
How To Coach Up Or Counsel Out Problem Employees
Even in good times, a business’ very survival depends on everyone operating effectively and doing everything they can to help the business succeed. With today’s perilous economy and forced cutbacks, it is crucial that all employees be functioning at top capacity. But what if they are not?
Creative - And Free - Ways To Use LinkedIn As A Recruiting Tool
LinkedIn is powerful resource for recruiting, and there are many ways you can leverage this popular business-oriented social networking site to support your staffing and recruiting efforts.
Screening Applicants: What Can I Ask?
In this informative audio conference, you will learn the parameters of the pre-employment screening process and know what you can and cannot ask.
Background Checks And Safe Hiring: Trends, Legal Developments, And Best Practices
This session will review the top ten trends and best practices for 2014 when it comes to background checks and safe hiring, including the use of social networking sites, the EEOC approach to the use of criminal records and credit reports, international background screening, resume fraud, dealing with temporary workers, privacy, off-shoring of personal data, and tools to protect against workplace violence.
How To Conduct A Good Performance Review
This audio conference will help you change existing performance review practices into a performance management system that focuses on combining continual employee development with business process improvement.
Payroll Paperwork & Reporting 101
This audio conference covers the details of paycheck preparation, summary recordkeeping, deposit requirements, tax returns, and other forms necessary in the operations of payroll.
LinkedIn For HR Professionals
The course reviews how HR professionals can use LinkedIn in practically every area of their work including planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices.
Handling Requests For Accommodating Disabilities
This audio conference will walk you through how courts are applying the ADA amendments to various fact scenarios. We will discuss how these fact patterns can guide you through what your company needs to do when an employee requests an accommodation.
How To Implement A High-Impact Recruiting Strategy
In this audio conference, learn how to fine-tune your interviewing skills and transfer what you learn to other managers in your organization.
How To Hire And Retain Hispanic-Latino Talent
This training session covers what how we - as an employer – can win this battle in the war for talent.
E-Verify Compliance Requirements
E-verify is a powerful, free tool to help ensure that employers’ hiring practices are in compliance with the Immigration Reform & Control Act (IRCA).
Diversity & Inclusion Strategies
This webcast covers the forms diversity and inclusion take within our workplaces, and how that translates into the critical steps required in designing and implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy for your organization.
Background Checks - Screening Strategies To Protect Your Business
Employers must brush up on their interviewing and hiring skills, but they also need to learn about how to use Facebook, Google, and other “new” methods for doing background checks – plus know what they can and can’t do legally if they find problems!
How To Revamp Your Onboarding Program And Put The Focus On Safety
This presentation focuses on the essential components of a safety onboarding program.
Do's & Don'ts: Using Social Media For Recruiting And Screening Applicants
This session will examine the pros and cons of utilizing online data to recruit and screen applicants, with a focus on strategies for getting what you need while minimizing the potential for discrimination or invasion of privacy.
How To Avoid Fake Employment And Education Claims
Learn how to effectively verify past employment and education information, as well as tools to spot phony credentials and fake degrees!
How To Determine ROI For Your Training Budget
Training is expensive. Enroll today to learn how to realize a measurable return on your training investment.
Affirmative Action - How To Comply!
The course will help you consider the obligations you will assume that impact the cost-benefit of bidding on a federal contract or subcontract.
The New War For Talent: Tying Together Recruiting, Employee-Engagement, And Training & Development
As we head for a severe global labor shortage, have you thought about how you’re going to recruit the best of the best, then engage and train them? The new war for talent is on the radar screen and you need to be prepared!
Legal Pitfalls To Avoid When Interviewing And Hiring Candidates
This training session helps you and your team to brush up on the employment laws affecting hiring.
Legal Requirements When Refusing To Hire Applicants With Past Convictions
This training session covers the legal steps for not hiring an applicant with a past criminal conviction, as well as best practices to use to ensure that you will successfully avoid liability when doing so.
How To Properly Complete The I-9 Form
While the I-9 form looks relatively simple at face value, mistakes leading to costly penalties are all-to-common. Failure to properly complete I-9s can lead to significant, costly penalties that can easily be avoided simply by making sure that the individuals with I-9 responsibilities in your company know how to correctly complete this paperwork and clearly understand the consequences of failing to do so. 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959