Creating an Employee Handbook

How to Create an Employee Handbook

Employee Handbooks: Key Issues For 2018Creating an employee handbook can be a challenge particularly for small businesses with limited HR resources. Many aspects of employment policies and procedures need to be included:
  • code of conduct
  • discrimination policies
  • dress code
  • health insurance
  • drug and alcohol use
  • jury duty
  • ...and many other terms and conditions
The company rules need to be clearly spelled out so that employees understand the parameters of their tasks. Write you handbook in such a way that the employees feel comfortable. Include a section that clearly spells out who to contact if the are any issues and review your handbook from time to time.

Employment Policies and Procedures

Be sure your employment policies and procedures conform with employment law.

The biggest challenge for many smaller organizations is that the employee handbook needs to be conform with employment law. This does require some proper training. With the proper training, writing an employee handbook is not a major hassle, but rather the chance to make employees more efficient and effective. With the proper training, writing an employee handbook can even be fun. So, start your training today with one of our courses that will give you definite answers.

Training for Creating an Employee Handbook

Get precise advise and definite answers on how to write a small business employee handbook.

Our Employee Handbooks: Key Issues For 2018 course is the result of many years of experience in creating employee handbooks for smaller businesses. This course will answer your questions quickly and precisely. Be sure to check out also our other proven courses for writing handbooks and creating job descriptions.
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