How to Do a Background Check on an Employee

Doing Background Checks on Employees

how to do a background check on an employeePerforming background checks is key for protecting your company.  The hiring decision on potential employees has long-term implications.  Judging job applications properly is particularly difficult for hr managers in small businesses with limited resources.

There are several background screenings available for evaluating job candidates:
  • criminal background check (criminal records)
  • driving record
  • reference check
  • medical history
  • genetic information
  • social media check
Some forms of screening employers do are not legal at all, and the other ones are subject to strict rules and regulations.

How to Do a Background Check on an Employee

Not knowing how to do a background check on an employee properly can become very costly.

Whenever using any check service, HR managers must be sure not to run afoul of federal law - as well as applicable state law. For example, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) states that you as a potential employer must give a copy of the report that led you to not hire an employee to the person.  Just like with FCRA, most background check regulations can lead to serious penalties.  So you better be prepared.

Training for How to do an Employee Background Check

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