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Smarter Skills For Administrative Assistants
In this "Smarter Skills For Administrative Assistants" course, Admin Assistants will learn core and advanced skills that will help them use their resources more wisely, manage their time well, and communicate more effectively.
Incentives & Rewards:  How To Create And Manage A Successful Program
Learn how to make sure your incentive program is successful by having clearly defined outcomes, appropriate and substantial rewards, efficient communication, and metrics capable of providing determinate information as to the success or failure of your plans.
How To Improve Employee Attendance: Methods, Metrics, And Trends
Enroll today to learn how you can take control of absenteeism and tardiness, saving your company thousands of dollars, and increasing employee satisfaction.
How To Drive Results
In this informative audio conference, you'll learn just how dramatically the U.S. work environment has changed and what contemporary leadership is - and isn't.
How To Develop A Virtual Workplace Plan
With this program you can learn the fundamentals and considerations of planning and setting up a virtual workplace.
How To Overcome Problems With Conducting Performance Appraisals
You and your managers/supervisors should attend this audio conference to identify, avoid, and proactively hold performance reviews that effectively align employee behaviors and activities into successful outcomes.
How To Determine ROI For Your Training Budget
Training is expensive. Enroll today to learn how to realize a measurable return on your training investment.
HR's Strategic Role In Team Building
Having strong team provides today's organizations with a competitive advantage, and HR professionals are uniquely positioned to play a very active role in cultivating an organizational culture where teamwork is not only possible, but can thrive. 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959