Coaching in the Workplace

What is Coaching in the Workplace

Workplace coaching needs to be targeted and individualized.

How To Develop A High-Performance Coaching CultureCoaching in the workplace should focus on continuously improving employee performance. Effective coaching needs to consider employees’ job descriptions as much as the personality of the employee. Successful coaching does not mean on form of coach applies equally to all employees. Some employees will be more self-motivated than others. Accordingly, some employees will also require more coaching sessions than others.

Improving Employee Performance Through Workplace Coaching

Workplace coaching is a powerful means to reaching business success.

In an organization, all members need to work together for assuring the overall business success. Workplace coaching (management coaching and employee coaching) is one of the most successful tools available to HR for improving employee performance. Our coaching webinars give you the tools necessary for developing talented employees as well as dealing with problem employees. Weeding out bad traits and encouraging not used talents will improve the employee performance if the coach applies the coaching with a keen focus on the overall business objectives.

Available Courses

Here are some of our most successful coaching programs.To find additional courses, see our course list below.

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How To Coach Up Or Counsel Out Problem Employees
Even in good times, a business’ very survival depends on everyone operating effectively and doing everything they can to help the business succeed. With today’s perilous economy and forced cutbacks, it is crucial that all employees be functioning at top capacity. But what if they are not?
Coaching Skills For HR Professionals
In this training session, you will learn how to effectively master the mindset of a coach, establish coaching objectives, measure performance, deliver critical feedback without bruising egos, and implement an appropriate reward system.
How To Identify, Develop, And Move Talented Employees To The Next Level
Does your organization have what it takes to keep the next generation of employees and develop them into successful leaders? In this informative audio conference, you will learn how to effectively motivate young leaders to lead your company to success.
How To Confront Bad Work Habits That Hold Employees Back
Regardless of what the bad work habit is, your job is to address the problem as soon as you have the facts. Join guest speaker, Carol Hacker, and learn how to get results by putting an end to unproductive and disruptive bad work habits.
How To Deal With Employees Who Are Chronically Late Or Absent
HR professionals understand the frustrations and high cost of employee absenteeism and tardiness, but what about others in your organization who have responsibility for leading teams? Do they confidently address attendance issues, or do some shy away from confrontation, take the easy way out, and simply let it go? This audio conference offers answers to some of your most challenging attendance problems.
21 Robust Keys For Being Less Of A Boss And More Of A Coach
This presentation offers 21 Robust Keys for becoming the kind of boss who coaches his or her team to success!
How To Develop A High-Performance Coaching Culture
Join us and learn how to develop the skills that impact productivity and profitability and develope a high performance team.
How To Improve Employee Engagement
Attend this informative audio conference to find out how you can start creating a culture of employee engagement in your own organization.
15 Cornerstones For Coaching And Conflict Resolution
This webinar teaches you skills for conflict resolution, including how to identify - and avoid - the actions that will automatically spark a conflict or add fuel to a fire that is already burning, recognize red flag warnings that will eventually lead to unrest and conflict, and apply intervention strategies for each of the three stages of conflict! 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959