Performance Management System

Improving Performance with an Effective Performance Management System

Performance Management System - Employee AttendanceThe performance management system helps optimizing employee performance through precise analysis, feedback and guidance.

The performance management system if focused strictly on achieving the organizational goals. By conducting performance appraisals/reviews for accurately measuring employee performance, HR and upper management gain the insights necessary for devising the appropriate development plans.

360-degree feedback in performance reviews helps improving the employee experience. In true 360-degree feedback, every manager is evaluated my her superiors, inferiors peers and by herself. The job description is one thing. However, to create true high performers out of mediocre ones, the performance management system needs to provide direct reports to the managers and employees. This reconciliation between job description and actual performance create the basis for an effective performance management system.

Performance Management Process

The performance management system is implemented through the performance management process.

Accurate performance planning requires to reconcile the “now” through performance reviews with the “future”. The “future” is the desired performance outcome. To get to the future, employees and management need to work together closely. This all takes place under the guidance of HR.

A gap analysis between the “now” and the “future” forms the basis for devising actionable plans everybody can follow. These plans need to include corporate, departmental, group and individual advise to be effective in achieving the organizational goals.

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