Payroll Records Processing & Administration

With the proper training on payroll records processing, this task becomes a lot less daunting.

Payroll RecordsPayroll administration & processing can be a daunting task at first. No other task within HR is covered by many rules and regulations. Federal and state laws exists. The Department of Labor (DOL) and state/local agencies have many different periods of time for which payroll documents must be kept. So there are additional challenges with multi-state payroll compliance.

HR needs to keep many pieces of payroll information. Records including:
  • time cards (hours worked)
  • pay stubs
  • records of employment taxes paid (W4, etc.)
  • records of retirement plans (401k, etc.)
  • identifying information (i-9, etc.)
  • and many more...
Then there is the wage and hour division. Just the process of actually running payroll each pay period requires some careful planning. This process may be aided by using payroll software and keeping central records. To stay organized, HR managers need definite and clear guidance from proven payroll-record experts. With the proper legal advice, payroll processing becomes a lot less daunting.

Payroll Records: What to Keep

The DOL sets document retention guidelines. But these are not all the guidelines you must follow. Many states have additional legislation. Use our expert training by proven industry leaders for getting answers on what to keep and what to toss. Here are some of our most popular payroll processing & administration courses:

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Featured Courses:

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IRS Rules For International, Inpat, And Expat Payroll
Learn how to properly pay employees in foreign jurisdictions, how to run a shadow payroll in the United States, and how to work with a third party provider who may be performing the tax equalization for these workers.
Payroll Records: What To Keep, What To Toss
This audio conference covers the rules for identifying, filing, retaining, protecting, and destroying your important payroll records.
Payroll Requirements For Terminated Employees
This program will teach you the proper procedures for handling termination pay.
SOX Rules For Payroll
This course – taught by and ex-State of CA Auditor - covers the payroll and benefit areas that are most likely to come under scrutiny due to the SOX Act.
How To Document Your Payroll Procedures
Every payroll professional knows that they must ensure that all employees are paid accurately, that contracts and wage and hour laws are adhered to, and that each paycheck is taxed properly.
How To Get Payroll Penalties Waived
In this audio conference, we will arm you with all you need to know in order to submit a penalty waiver request and hopefully enable you to receive the waiver.
Garnishments, Child Support Orders, And Other Levies
This training session gives you tools to better understand the responsibilities that a company has regarding garnishments, Child Support orders, and levies under state and federal guidelines such as Consumer Credit Protection Act, IRS levy requirements, and state-specific levy and garnishment withholding requirements.
Payroll For Individuals With Work Visas
Visa (non-immigration) for Payroll Professionals
How To Do A Payroll Audit - Former Auditor's Expert Advice
Learn how to audit your payroll department to not only catch potential mistakes – however inadvertent – but also save your organization some fines or penalties.
Rules And Requirements For Employee Expense Reimbursements
This course covers the rules and requirements for expense reimbursements, as well as best practices for processing expense reimbursements either in payroll or accounts payable.
Tips For Handling Garnishments
Join us for an informative audio conference where you can learn the correct processes for handling garnishments.
Requirements For Unclaimed Paychecks
Amazingly, departing employees don't always collect all wages owed to them. Unfortunately, as a payroll professional, that becomes your problem — especially since fewer than 1 in 5 businesses comply with laws for reporting and submitting unclaimed payroll check and other property.
New, Simplified Rules For Employee vs Independent Contractor Classification
During this program, you will learn how to properly use and pay independent contractors - and assist in avoiding costly worker-classification audits.
Compliance Tips For Handling Commute v Travel Pay
This audio conference covers the IRS rules regarding what is considered travel versus commute and what is an allowable expense versus taxable wages. Most importantly, it will enable you to understand how and when to compensate an employee for travel time away from a work site.
Rules And Requirements For Employee Expense Reimbursements
Reimbursements of employee business expenses made under accountable plans can be excluded from an employee's gross income; do you know the fundamentals of how an accountable plan works? Do you provide a per diem to your employees and are you aware of the accounting issues associated with the use of per diems? Are your employees given an advance prior to traveling?
Handling & Recouping Payroll Overpayments
This training session will give participants the tools to analyze all types of employee overpayments and how the handle proper taxation, as well as meeting federal and state laws that affect how overpayments should be properly handled.
Payroll Operations
Payroll Benchmarking and Metrics
Year End Legislative & Tax Changes In Payroll
This audio conference addresses the legislative changes to employment taxation for 2010 at both the federal and state level, the resources available to payroll professionals to insure that they are kept abreast of any changes to payroll taxation as they occur, as well as recent trends in state unemployment insurance, the solvency of the funds, and how FUTA will be affected in coming years.
Best Methods For State Income Tax Withholding
By attending this audio conference you will learn the best practices around withholding issues.
Compensation Basics
This training session will give you the tips and best practices to make your base pay program a roaring success!
Preparing For Year End In Payroll
During this session we will discuss the year end process from start to finish. What reconciliations can you do prior to year end, what information should you start gathering, and what are the common items forgotten prior to W-2 issuance are a few of the items that will be addressed during this discussion. Best practices for a smooth year end process will be discussed and tools to assist will be covered.
Payroll Paycards: How To Save Costs and Maintain Compliance
This audio conference covers the why's, how's, and legal issues regarding Paycards. For instance, the majority of state’s labor laws allow employers to offer direct deposit, but they don't allow employers to mandate that their workers participate in their direct deposit programs.
Payroll Penalties: How To Avoid Or Get Them Waived
Did you know that state or federal penalties can be appealed or waived with a show of good cause? This training session will arm you with all you need to know in order to submit a penalty waiver request - and hopefully receive the waiver!
Payroll Operations: Best Practices
This training session gives you the tools to be able to better review specific processes and see how new innovations can improve your payroll process.
Sick Pay Administration: Benefits & Hazards Of A TPA
During this audio conference we will review the use of third party vendors in the sick pay process.
Payroll Paperwork & Reporting 101
This audio conference covers the details of paycheck preparation, summary recordkeeping, deposit requirements, tax returns, and other forms necessary in the operations of payroll.
Payroll Issues For Deceased Employees
This audio conference will give you the tools to handle difficult situations when employees are deceased – all while protecting your company at the same time.
Paperless Payroll: Compliance Tips And Best Practices
This webinar covers the new technology that can be used to allow employees to use ESS (Employee Self-Service Portals).
Fundamentals Of Form W-2 & Form W-4 Processing
This training session covers the Form W-4 and Form W-2, and provides critical training to help you to stay on top of current rules and regulations regarding these forms.
The Top 10 Mistakes Employers Make In Paying Employees
In this training session, you will learn how to quickly identify the top mistakes that cause employers to get into hot water with the Department of Labor.
Continuity Planning For Payroll
This training session gives you the tools to develop a solid disaster recovery plan. By attending this training session, you will learn best practices and tips, such as where to begin and how to keep the plan up to date.
Is It FMLA Or The “Friday-Monday Leave Act”? How To Identify And Investigate Employees Who Are Gaming The System
Even though the FMLA regulations are complex, confusing, and present loopholes that are easy to exploit, companies should not be reluctant to deny leave or terminate troublesome employees for fear of being sued. This training session will help you identify exactly what you can do – and how to take decisive action in even the most delicate situations.
Unemployment Update For Payroll
This training session reviews the necessary updates to IRS Form 940, and how payroll professionals are affected.
Health Care Reform & The HIRE Act: Changes For The Payroll Department
In this comprehensive session, we will discuss the recently-enacted "Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act" and the "Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010".
Payroll Reconciliation And Reporting
In this audio conference, you will learn payroll reconciliation and reporting tips that will help you - and the rest of your company - sleep better knowing both your workers and the government are happy with payroll.
Payroll Best Practices: Which Should I Adopt?
This audio conference explores many payroll best practices and discuss circumstances where they may, or may not, be best practices for your organization.
Payroll Pitfalls To Avoid
This training session will cover the top ten mistakes of payroll professionals and how to fix them. Listen as the presenter discusses solutions to how your payroll department can be compliant with federal laws.
How To Build Market-Based Pay Ranges
In this training session, you learn how organizations can use market data to update or create market ranges.
Calculating Overtime: Who Qualifies, And How To Calculate Amounts Due To Workers
This course – taught by and ex-Payroll Auditor - is designed to help you evaluate your current system regarding overtime determinations.
Executive Compensation And The IRS – How To Keep Compliant AND Avoid Legal Issues
The IRS and many state employment tax agencies have stated that they are targeting Executive Compensation issues when they perform both employment tax audits and income tax audits. This audio conference covers what the IRS has stated they will focus on - and how these items should be treated for payroll tax purposes.
Payroll Technology Options
This training session gives you the tools to be able better understand the new technology that can be used to improve your payroll processes.
90 Minutes To FLSA Certainty
This 90-minute training session will walk you through the legal twists and turns of how to classify individuals properly under government regulatory guidance.
Answers To Your Top Ten Payroll Tax Questions
We will discuss the top ten payroll tax questions as well as the technically correct answer versus the ‘best practice’ response where applicable. Question and answer time will also be available in the session for any questions that aren’t addressed.
Payroll Questions? Ask An Expert!
This training session will start by addressing the most common payroll issues – then become an open forum for asking your questions!
Payroll Training Workshop
Our Payroll Training Workshop will help you to understand and properly comply with the multitude of federal and state requirements, as well as provide best practices in an easy-to-understand format that'll have you a payroll pro in no time!
DOMA: Payroll Changes From The New Law
This course will go through the complexities of the new DOMA ruling and how to properly handle them. It will cover how the federal ruling applies to state laws, how to apply DOMA to your benefits plans, and how to handle the special procedures for prior year tax returns for DOMA.
Payroll Complexities For Tipped Employees
This training session gives you the tools to better understand how to handle tipped employees. Specifically, you’ll get clarity on how the tip credit works and how to keep compliant with state and federal laws.
Mandated Sick Pay: Options And Requirements
This webinar will get you up to date on current and pending legislation regarding mandated sick pay requirements, as well as help you to better understand the tax withholding and reporting for third party sick pay requirements.
Best Methods For Supplemental Wage Payment Withholding
Supplemental Wages are things like bonuses, commissions, and overtime pay that are paid in addition to an employee's regular wages. Join us to learn how to handle supplemental wage withholdings correctly and legally.
Ways To Save Money On Your Unemployment Insurance
This audio conference provides an update on federal and state Unemployment Insurance issues, assesses the risks and costs associated with UI taxes and benefits, and discusses effective UI tax management and cost control techniques.
Cloud Computing Basics For HR And Payroll
This audio conference cuts through the hype and the buzzwords to gain an understanding of what Cloud Computing is all about.
Payroll Audit Tips - From The Mouth Of An Ex Auditor
By attending, you learn how to prepare for the before, conduct yourself during, and react in your best interest after the audit. 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959