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Payroll Training for Busy Human Resource Managers

Payroll Training on Mulit-State Payroll ProcessingPayroll classes that offer the important answers in distilled form for busy HR managers.

Looking for professional development training in payroll management?  We offer a large variety of proven employer payroll courses taught by leading industry experts.  All our online payroll-tax courses last 90 minutes or less because we have distilled the facts busy HR managers need to know without the chatter.

Most all our payroll courses stay in close correlation with the payroll certification exam.  So, if you intent to become a certified payroll professional (CPP), we offer you membership options that give you access to some or all of our payroll classes.

Payroll Courses Online for All Aspects of Payroll

We offer extensive payroll training for all aspects of payroll management.

To pay the employees is one of the most rewarding tasks of HR. However, with the legal aspects of payroll compliance, human resource managers need to have the knowledge and skills of dealing with federal and state laws - particularly if your business operates in a multi-state environment.  Payroll management can be fun, but only if you can easily get the important parts of employee payout, payroll taxes, withholding taxes, the tax impact of fringe benefits (401k, etc.) and financial statements right.

Available Payroll Classes

Here are just a few of our tried-and-proven payroll courses our customers like the most:Please follow the links below to see our comprehensive offering of online payroll classes.

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Payroll is more than just writing fixed-compensation paychecks every fixed time period. Laws and regulations are very specific about special situation such as multi-state payroll, fringe benefits, travel pay or variable compensation. A lax attitude towards fulfilling such requirements can come back to haunt the HR professional and result in expensive fines. The Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) regulates the social security payments, Medicare taxes and unemployment taxes. With penalties up to 100% of missed payments, HR managers must continuously educate themselves about changes in legislation. Get more information on Payroll.
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