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Changes To  OSHA Injury & Illness Recordkeeping Requirements For 2012
Specifically, OSHA Injury and Illness documentation has been a focus of OSHA recently and this audio conference will get you prepared and compliant with these often confusing Injury & Illness Recordkeeping rules.
Tips For Complying With Obamacare
This audio conference provides a detailed review of new Affordable Care Act rules, with emphasis on the regulatory guidance, safe harbors, and compliance requirements that have been issued under those rules.
Dress Code Policy Do's and Don'ts
Lawsuits relating to dress codes and appearance policies are on the rise. But what is permissible to include in your dress code policy - and what is not?
Hiring Lessons For New Managers: What You Need to Know - And Avoid
This webinar will provide your managers and supervisors with the essentials they need to avoid hiring pitfalls that most employers make.
Payroll Pitfalls To Avoid
This training session will cover the top ten mistakes of payroll professionals and how to fix them. Listen as the presenter discusses solutions to how your payroll department can be compliant with federal laws.
HR Recordkeeping Requirements: From Hire...To...Fire...Or Retire
This training program covers the hot spots in documentation. It provides tips for proper documentation procedures, as well as how your documentation can help protect your organization.
Tips For Handling Section 125 Status Change Rules
This audio conference covers when and how Status Change Rules work, including special emphasis on the types of situations that often raise the most troublesome questions for employers and their vendors and advisors.
The Health Reform Act: 2012 Rules For Health Care Plans
The rules governing the handling of claims, appeals, and external reviews have become much more complex with the passage of the Health Reform Act and the issuance of new Department of Labor rules on this subject. And this is especially true for so-called non-grandfathered health plans under the health reform act. The recent guidance on these rules is quite extensive, and this audio conference will help you to determine if your plan is compliant with the rules.
Avoiding Employer Liability With Participant-Directed Retirement Plans
Learn how to adjust your current plans to comply with the new ERISA requirements and not be held liable for poor investment decisions made by your employees.
E-Cigarettes And No Hire Smoker Policies
Find out what the new FDA regulations on electronic cigarettes regulations mean for you and your workplace.
How To Avoid Wrongful Termination Claims
In this program, you wil learn the different types of wrongful termination claims available to an employee, identify the hot issue buttons for these claims, and lean how to avoid them. Topics range from discrimination, accommodation, and effects of wrongful employment practices.
DOMA: Payroll Changes From The New Law
This course will go through the complexities of the new DOMA ruling and how to properly handle them. It will cover how the federal ruling applies to state laws, how to apply DOMA to your benefits plans, and how to handle the special procedures for prior year tax returns for DOMA.
Substance Abuse And The ADA
Presented by employment law expert Melissa Fleischer, Esq., this audio conference provides top tips and methods on what you and your managers can legally do to ensure compliance with the ADA – as well as how to best manage employees with substance abuse issues.
Background Checks - Screening Strategies To Protect Your Business
Employers must brush up on their interviewing and hiring skills, but they also need to learn about how to use Facebook, Google, and other “new” methods for doing background checks – plus know what they can and can’t do legally if they find problems!
Top Ten OSHA Violations For General Industry - And How To Avoid Them
Join us when our OSHA safety expert reviews the Top Ten list, offering guidance on preparing you for an OSHA visit.
Benefits & Pitfalls Of Social Media, Blogging, and Cell Phone Policies
This informative and interactive audio conference will prepare you the new Social Media legal obstacles, and will provide you with tips for avoiding the major pitfalls that employers face when drafting a social media, blogging, and cell phone policies.
Workers' Comp: How To Manage Your High-Risk Lost-Time Claims
Join us for a 90-minute audio conference when our workers’ compensation expert will address best practices to help you manage your claim(s) and stay out of litigation that places you and your employee as adversaries.
Whistleblower Protection Program Requirements
In this session, we will discuss the rules of the Whistleblower Protection Program, including how to take proactive steps to avoid potential investigations and ensure that you have defensible policies in place should an investigation arise.
OSHAS 18001:2007 Guidance For Small Businesses
Learn how OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification can help your business.
The 3Ps Of Virtual Workplace Plans: Processes, Polices, Problems
This training sessions covers the unique hot spots, problems, and compliance considerations found in virtual workplaces.
ERISA Basics: Prohibited Transactions
This audio conference will cover ERISA prohibited transaction basics and will provide examples of violations of the law and how they can be avoided.
Mental Illnesses: Employer Obligations When Employees Attempt To Conceal Them
This training session will help prepare you to better understand what an employer in the United States can and cannot do with regard to employees who attempt to conceal their mental illness from their employer.
Ways To Save Money On Your Unemployment Insurance
This audio conference provides an update on federal and state Unemployment Insurance issues, assesses the risks and costs associated with UI taxes and benefits, and discusses effective UI tax management and cost control techniques. 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959