Disability & Absence Management

Absence ManagementManaging employee leave is a key function of HR management. Without absence management, individual employees may game the system by taking paid time off for medical leave just because they do not want to work.

At the same token, strong team players and performers sometimes request time off for real emergencies. Employee satisfaction is closely tied to a proper leave management system.

A leave management solution includes a clear leave policy. It also includes a formal leave management system for handling leave requests and checking leave balances real time (employee absence tracker). The system needs clear rules for what qualifies as paid leave (PTO) and what qualifies as employee time for which payment is not appropriate.

Leave/Absence Management Training Courses

Absence management is a key HR function - be prepared, save time and money

Implementing proper absence management can be very time consuming - if one lacks the know-how. Busy HR managers need definite and clear guidance - quickly. With our leave management training courses, leave and absence management gets much easier. And the resulting leave management system will be saving time for HR. Get definite answers from proven industry experts in courses such as:

Disability Management Training Courses

Employees with disability require special care in absence management. HR needs to make sure that it adheres to the special legal requirements in the field. Not doing so can lead to large fines and other repercussions such as additional documentation requirements.

Get trained on disability management with our definite guides such as:Also check out our ADAand Workers' Compensation sections for gaining the required in-depth knowledge regarding reasonable accomodations quickly before problems arise.
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Evaluating Your Paid Time-Off Strategy:  PTO Or Traditional Vacation & Sick Pay?
In this informative audio conference, we’ll explore the pros and cons of traditional paid time off plans vs. the more contemporary PTO bank type of plan. We’ll also take a practical and comprehensive look at how a properly designed, implemented, and communicated PTO bank can be a win-win proposition for both you and your employees.
How To Avoid Wrongful Termination Claims
In this program, you wil learn the different types of wrongful termination claims available to an employee, identify the hot issue buttons for these claims, and lean how to avoid them. Topics range from discrimination, accommodation, and effects of wrongful employment practices. 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959