Affirmative Action Programs

Get better employees and expand your business through strong affirmative action programs.

Affirmative Action ProgramsExecutive Order 11246 of 1965 is the legal basis for equal employment opportunity. Effective affirmative action programs must be action oriented. A good affirmative action plan includes policies/practices that not just assure legal compliance. Such program includes detailed positive actions that differentiate a company in the labor pool and with government agencies.

To find qualified applicants and be a able to hire them, a strong affirmative action policy is a must. To become a federal contractor - and win lucrative federal government contracts - federal contract compliance is key.

An affirmative action program cannot be successful without strong internal auditing and reporting. Such auditing must ensure many things. Most importantly, the plan must ensure:
  • equal pay
  • non-discrimination of women and minorities on the basis of race, color, religion, sex and national origin

OFCCP Compliance

OFCCP compliance can mean great profits.

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs oversees government contractors. If you want to do business with the federal government, you need to know the ropes. Being in compliance with the laws and regulations requiring nondiscrimination can greatly enhance your profitability. Get your company ready with our training.

Webinars on Affirmative Action Plan & OFCCP Compliance

OFCCP interpretation of Order 11246 changes constantly. Busy HR managers need to get answers quickly. We can help. Check out one of our courses below. Also find more training for affirmative action planning in our Labor & Employment Law Training Seminars section.
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The course will help you consider the obligations you will assume that impact the cost-benefit of bidding on a federal contract or subcontract.
The New Protected Classes That Impact your Workplace
This training session updates employers on the new protected classes to ensure your policies are up to date and that you have conducted the necessary training to ensure that you are in compliance with the new federal, state, and local employment laws. 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959