Workplace Harassment Training

Harassment Training for Employees

Harassment prevention in the work environment is necessary not only for legal liability reasons but also for keeping teams strong and employees focused on the tasks. Managers and employees must work together harassment in the workplace. Clearly written, displayed and communicated harassment policies are a must.

Online Harassment Training for Employees

Let our online harassment training for employees increase your awareness of harassing behavior.

Discrimination and harassment are often difficult to detect. Our workplace harassment training programs will aid you to prevent workplace harassing behaviors by strenghtening your ability to see such behavior more clearly. There are many forms of harassment and discrimination. Sexual harassment is an absolute no-go in today’s society. Yet, it still happens far too often and can lead to serious repercussions. While the costs of lawsuits come to mind, there are several other major risks. Some of the most severe are:
  • poor team performance because of tensions
  • negative publicity that may lead to boycotts of your products and services
  • issues with attracting and retaining good talent
Employment discrimination and harassment manifests itself amongst employees as well as between managers and subordinates and is displayed in behaviors including verbal and physical abuse.

Workplace Harassment Training Programs

A harassment-free workplace makes perfect business sense.

Our online harassment training for employees will teach you how to be on the lookout for any signs of physical and emotional harassment such as:
  • the silent treatment
  • direct insults
  • overtly aggressive outbursts
  • inappropriate touching
  • denial of personal space
Dismissing complaints as just the “employee’s version” is a sure way for getting in trouble quickly. So please make sure you get the proper training to stop any form of harmful behavior before these behaviors hurt your bottom line. A harassment-free workplace makes excellent business sense.

Get the workplace harassment prevention course that works.
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