Employee Benefits Management

Benefits Management

Employee Benefits ManagementWell-crafted employee benefits management helps recruiting and retaining high performers.

Employee benefits administration is a key HR function. A good benefits package helps in recruiting and retaining high-quality employees. At the same token, such benefits plan must be cost effective.

Some of the key features of a successful benefits package are:
  • Health insurance with help during open enrollment
  • Retirement plan (401k, etc.)
  • Health and employee-welfare related services (HSA, FMLA, etc.)
  • Bonus plan/incentive compensation plan
While some aspects can be outsourced to employee benefit management services, HR needs to fulfill important functions in employee benefits management. Without HR as the mediator, the plan will not have the right balance effectiveness and cost management.

Health Insurance Benefits Administration

Health insurance makes or breaks employee benefits management

When asking about the most important feature of a benefits plan, most employees agree: health insurance. The marketplace offers a wide variety of healthcare plans. In benefits administration, human resources needs to pick insurance plans with automated benefits. Thereby HR can focus more on other key tasks instead of being bogged down with employee-benefits management.

Training Courses on Employee Benefits Management

Knowing how to handle open enrollment efficiently saves HR time and money. Our training courses offer definite answers for making HR’s work easier. Check out our employee benefits/administration courses below. For top-notch related training, also visit our Compensation area.
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