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Reward & Recognition Strategies
It is happening everywhere: companies are not making enough money to compensate their employees for a job well done. The challenge for HR professionals is to help all levels of leadership learn how to go beyond the paycheck with formal as well as informal recognition that doesn’t have to break the bank!
Compensation Basics
This training session will give you the tips and best practices to make your base pay program a roaring success!
How To Set Pay Ranges That Are Fair And Effective
This training session will show you best practices for setting fair and effective pay ranges.
How To Design A Compensation Strategy That Aligns With Business Objectives
This training session is about the process of creating a compensation philosophy that will support creating a well-designed compensation program to improve efficiency, improve employee morale, and ensure equal treatment for all employees across your organization.
How To Build Market-Based Pay Ranges
In this training session, you learn how organizations can use market data to update or create market ranges.
Calculating Overtime: Who Qualifies, And How To Calculate Amounts Due To Workers
This course – taught by and ex-Payroll Auditor - is designed to help you evaluate your current system regarding overtime determinations.
90 Minutes To FLSA Certainty
This 90-minute training session will walk you through the legal twists and turns of how to classify individuals properly under government regulatory guidance.
DOMA: Payroll Changes From The New Law
This course will go through the complexities of the new DOMA ruling and how to properly handle them. It will cover how the federal ruling applies to state laws, how to apply DOMA to your benefits plans, and how to handle the special procedures for prior year tax returns for DOMA.
Compensation In Tax-Exempt Organizations: Non-Profit Guide To Navigating Intermediate Sanctions
Are you or your board members at risk of personally having to pay penalties to the IRS associated with excessive executive compensation?
Best Methods For Supplemental Wage Payment Withholding
Supplemental Wages are things like bonuses, commissions, and overtime pay that are paid in addition to an employee's regular wages. Join us to learn how to handle supplemental wage withholdings correctly and legally.
10 Employee Benefits Mistakes You Will Make This Year – And How To Fix Them
In “The Ten Employee Benefits Mistakes You Will Make This Year”, Bob Ellerbrock of Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP will review the most common mistakes plan sponsors make and offer practical solutions for getting things right – and mitigating liability!
Sales Compensation Design
This training session covers the processes and key elements associated with designing and implementing a sales incentive plan.
Creating And Using A Salary Increase Matrix
This training session discusses the concept, implementation, and best practices associated with a merit matrix. 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959