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HR Laws Compliance

Labor & Employment laws are envisioned to correct the bargaining power between employers and employees. As such, employers need to pay careful attention to staying in compliance with the law. In an environment where suing an employer for actual or perceived failure to comply with the law is easy, employers need to have guidelines and procedures in place for staying in compliance with the law. Employers that do not comply with anti-discrimination rules, minimum wage requirements and Acts such as FMLA face the risk of stiff penalties or expensive settlements. Get more information on HR Laws Compliance.

Includes Training for: ADA, Affirmative Action / EEO, Disability / Leave Mgt., FMLA, Immigration / I-9 / E-Verify

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Workforce Planning & Development

Any organization can be truly successful in the marketplace only by undertaking proper workforce planning and development. Knowing how to have the right people for the job when they are needed is crucial. Developing talent from within assures the presence of highly skilled employees that have what is often referred to as corporate spirit. On the flipside, dragging employees along that only excel at the water cooler is a sure way to detrimentally impact employee morale. HR needs to make a valid attempt develop such employees into productive team members and, if unsuccessful, plan and execute replacing such individuals. At the same token, hiring outside talent will sometimes reinvigorate a talented team that had gone stale. Get more information on Workforce Planning & Development.

Includes Training for: Diversity, HR Management, HRCI or SHRM Re-Certification, Leadership, Metrics / Benchmarking

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Performance Management Training

How to keep employees productive? The short, but true answer is: performance management. With good performance management, an organization is able direct all resources, including personnel, on track to focus solely on the strategic and operational objective that will make an organization successful. Proper performance management increases sales while reducing costs. Projects will stay on track because all parties to the projects will have clear guidelines so that team members can perform their tasks instead of wasting time with ineffective formal and informal meetings. Such procedures also improve employee confidence and thereby increase overall employment satisfaction. Get more information on Performance Management Training .

Includes Training for: Coaching, Interpersonal Skills, Performance Management

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Dispute Resolution / Investigations

Organizational conflict leads to team members shifting their energy away from being productive to creating a tense and sometimes hostile environment. The performance of everybody surrounding disgruntled employees will suffer. Oftentimes these issues can be remedied easily with the right tools. If HR knows how to remedy workplace conflict properly, the workplace will benefit greatly. Most often there is not an actual difference of interests, but rather a perceived one. Finding a common denominator will lead to all parties to a conflict getting what they need while keeping the energies on achieving the corporate objectives. Get more information on Dispute Resolution / Investigations.

Includes Training for: Bullying / Harassment Prevention, Discipline / Conflict Management, Investigations

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Recordkeeping / Documentation

Get definite training on Recordkeeping / Documentation through our proven webinars by leading industry experts. Get more information on Recordkeeping / Documentation.

Includes Training for: Background Checks, Handbooks / Job Descriptions, Recordkeeping / Document Retention, Recruiting & Hiring, Terminating / Firing / Layoffs

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Payroll / Wage & Hour

Payroll plays a major role in keeping a company successful. On the one side, each organization needs to assure compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. Failing to properly handle payroll taxes can lead to stiff penalties and complicate the daily operations of the accounting department due to investigations. On the other side, paying the payroll promptly and accurately has a major impact on employee morale. With the economy picking up steam, the competition for highly-skilled employees has intensified. Any organization can ill-afford to lose or fail to recruit special talents because of actual or perceived payroll issues. Get more information on Payroll / Wage & Hour .

Includes Training for: Payroll

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Executive Compensation

Compensation is not just about paychecks. Without offering a competitive compensation packages in a highly competitive labor market, your organization will fail to retain and attract the human talent that drives the success of your business. Compensation can have multiple aspects but the four main pillars are guaranteed pay, variable pay, benefits and employee ownership/stock option programs. Not all of these elements cost the same – and not all of these elements generate the same benefits for your organization. Oftentimes you can provide benefits as part of the overall compensation that are highly valued, yet cost you relatively little. Augmenting your compensation packages with such benefits can truly set you apart from your competition. Get more information on Executive Compensation.

Includes Training for: Compensation, Employee Benefits

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Workers Compensation Laws - Workman's Comp Laws - Rules, Requirements

Learn how to simplify the complexities of workman's comp laws, rules and requirements. The definite advise for busy HR managers. Get more information on Workers Compensation Laws - Workman's Comp Laws - Rules, Requirements .

Includes Training for: Workers' Compensation

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Occupational safety and health legislation can get you in deep water if not followed properly. OSHA does not just regulate highly hazardous workplaces. Sure that is the main focus, but employers in general - and HR departments in particular – in all sectors must stay abreast of all developments in the field of occupational health and safety. Fines are steep and if you are not careful, your business or parts thereof may even be closed for OSHA violations. You need to develop a sound program to stay within OSHA compliance. Get more information on Safety.

Includes Training for: Safety

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