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Paperless Payroll: Compliance Tips And Best Practices | hr webinar | Date: 4/19/2018

Paperless Payroll: Compliance Tips And Best Practices

Date: 4/19/2018
Time: 1:00 - 2:30pm Eastern
Paperless Payroll: Compliance Tips And Best PracticesThis program covers the new technology that can be used to allow employees to use ESS (Employee Self-Service Portals).

Let’s face it: technology is changing how we do business. Employees are looking for ways to perform their own payroll updates such as W-4 tax updates, direct deposit, and even paid time off requests.

As part of this movement, payroll system providers are offering ways for employees to make these updates, yet still provide the employer with meaningful recordkeeping to comply with state and federal laws.

By attending this training session, you will learn how to stay compliant, including how to keep paperless payroll records and implement and maintain an effective recordkeeping policy for both the paper and paperless environment.What You'll Learn:By attending this audio conference you will learn:
  • Electronic filing and reporting methods
  • Payroll recordkeeping requirements by agency
  • State retention requirements
  • Documentation/Retention concerns
  • Record retention “Best Practices”
  • How to handle and be prepared for audits
  • Overview of cloud payroll processing
  • What to look at when considering vendors for new technology
Paperless Payroll: Compliance Tips And Best Practices
Available Live on 4/19/2018, or on CD or On-Demand formats
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