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Payroll Operations
Payroll Benchmarking and Metrics
2017 Unemployment Update For Payroll
This training session reviews the necessary updates to IRS Form 940, and how payroll professionals are affected.
Payroll Best Practices: Which Should I Adopt?
This audio conference explores many payroll best practices and discuss circumstances where they may, or may not, be best practices for your organization.
How To Avoid Wrongful Termination Claims
In this program, you wil learn the different types of wrongful termination claims available to an employee, identify the hot issue buttons for these claims, and lean how to avoid them. Topics range from discrimination, accommodation, and effects of wrongful employment practices.
Safety Strategies And Risk Mitigation When Handling Terminations, Investigations, And Performance Problems
This training session will teach you steps for planning, detecting, preventing, and protecting your workplace in investigations, terminations, performance plans, and management intervention situations. 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 228 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-366-3959